Hands Down The 50 Strangest, Most Genius Things on Amazon Under $30

Hands Down The 50 Strangest, Most Genius Things on Amazon Under $30

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⭐Hands Down The 50 Strangest, Most Genius Things on Amazon Under $30

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Hands Down The 50 Strangest, Most Genius Things on Amazon Under $30

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When you have unique shopping problems, sometimes you need strange solutions. Whether you’re looking for lamps that double as phone mounts, couch pillows that prevent coffee spills, or scrubbing brushes that turn your power tools into cleaning tools, there’s a bizarre yet genius option on this list. Better yet, all these clever selections are reasonably priced, with everything ringing up at $30 or less. So scroll on for all of the weird but wonderful housewares, skin care, and gadgets that check all the boxes and won’t overtax your wallet.


A Sloping Splash Guard For A Neater Sink

Banish unwanted splashes and splatter with this kitchen sink guard. The waterproof silicone tray features a 5-degree slope toward the sink along with two front spouts, so any splashes flow directly toward the drain, thereby eliminating wetness and pooling. It’s easy to install, too, thanks to the flexible pre-cut slots.


This Nail Polish Bottle Holder That Prevents Spills

Bid farewell to the risk of knocking over your nail polish bottle and getting bright pink lacquer all over your coffee table. This holder features gripping technology that secures it to any flat surface. A hinge lets you tilt the bottle at the perfect angle to make home manicures and pedicures a breeze.


A Running Pouch That’s Way More Streamlined Than A Fanny Pack

Say goodbye to bulky fanny packs by subbing in this magnetic running pouch that keeps things streamlined as you exercise. Just tuck the back flap inside your waistband and the magnets will secure the pouch into place. The breathable, moisture-resistant mesh construction will keep your phone, keys, and other essentials safe on your run.


A Cooling Under-Eye Stick That Helps With Puffiness

Give your eyes the TLC they deserve with this adorable hydrating eye stick. It rolls onto your under-eye area like a lip balm and uses ingredients like Icelandic moss, aloe vera extract, and hyaluronic acid to leave skin feeling soft, while diminishing the look of puffiness and dark circles. The Icelandic mineral water in the formula offers up a cooling sensation, too.


The Flexible Dryer Cleaner Kit That Keeps Homes Safer

Poorly maintained dryers can be a fire hazard, so keep yours in tip-top shape with this dryer vent cleaner kit. It comes with a two-part vacuum adapter and flexible hose, and the maneuverable design means it can get deep into even narrow dryer vents to suction away lint and other debris. Another bonus? Keeping your dryer lint free will help increase efficiency and drying time, too.


These Universal Lids That Stretch Over Nearly Anything

Gone are the days of searching for your container’s perfect match, because you can keep your leftovers fresh with these reusable silicone lids. These flexible lids stretch to fit over a variety of round and even square containers. They create an airtight seal for freshness while also preventing leaks. Better yet, they’re safe to use in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher.


This Clever Duster With A Practical Flat Shape

For cleaning narrow places where vacuums won’t reach, try this microfiber duster with a flat silhouette that’s perfect for dusting underneath and in between furniture. The microfiber sheath sits atop a flexible blade so you can angle it just right. When it needs a cleaning, just slip off the cover and throw it in the wash


The Absorbent Wristbands For A Skin-Care Routine That’s Less Messy

If you’re tired of water streaming down your arms as you wash your face, give these towel wristbands a try. They’re made from absorbent microfiber wrapped around a stretchy elastic band for a comfortable fit, allowing them to soak up any excess water as you cleanse. They can also be used during your exercise routine for sweat.


A Luxurious Collagen Hair Mask For Damaged Hair

Give your hair some pampering right at home with this K-beauty hair protein treatment. Simply shampoo your hair as usual, apply the mask, and let it sit for anywhere from five to 20 minutes, then rinse it all away. The collagen-enhanced formula helps even damaged and over-processed hair look and feel soft and silky smooth.


The Magnetic Air Vent Covers That Can Help Reduce Your Energy Bills

Want to know a secret to lowering your energy bills? These magnetic vent covers. They adhere to steel vents (on the floor, ceiling, and wall) and block airflow in the rooms where you don’t want it. This means you’re only heating or cooling the rooms that are occupied. They’re strong, flexible, and create a firm seal without any gapping.


This Whimsical Duck That Makes The Perfect Night-Light

For a little extra ambient lighting, try this charming yet beleaguered-looking duck night-light. Thanks to its flat-lying position, not only is it a visually appealing source of illumination, it also doubles as a phone mount — just nestle your device between its feet and tail. The lamp is touch activated, has three different brightness settings, and is easily rechargeable via USB.


A Set Of Vertical Hangers To Help You Save Closet Space

Snag these space-saving hanger holders, which come four to a pack for plenty of storage inside your closet. Each hanger latches onto your closet rod, and features five cascading hooks so that you can hang more items and take advantage of otherwise unused vertical space. They’re super lightweight, too, weighing just under 6 ounces each.


The Portable Chargers That Work With Both iPhones & Androids

Never face the peril of a dead phone again thanks to these portable chargers. They come with USB, micro-USB, and USB-C ports to power up a variety of devices. They’re incredibly efficient, too, since when fully juiced, each battery pack can provide up to two charging cycles to even late-model smartphones.


A Shaker Bottle That Mixes Clump-Free Shakes On The Go

This vortex shaker blender is perfect for shakes on the go, whether you’re at the gym or at work. Not only does it come with convenient measurement markings down the size, but its unique shape creates a vortex effect in the bottle when you shake it, allowing it to mix up the ingredients without clumps. It’s got a leakproof lid and comes in both 20- and 28-ounce sizes.


These Glow-In-The-Dark Remote Control Skins That Are Easy To Spot

Snag this pair of glowing remote control covers for a fun and practical way to spot your remote with ease in low lighting. They’re made from silicone, so they easily stretch over your remote without obscuring any buttons or sensors. They have a textured surface for a better grip and even provide some shock absorption, too.


The Plush Cup Pillow That Helps Prevent Spills On The Couch

Curl up with this cup cozy pillow that holds three beverages at once (one of the wells even has a niche for a handled mug). The insulated design also helps maintain temperatures, and thanks to its wide base, this pillow is incredibly stable, even on soft surfaces like sofas. The cover comes off for easy cleaning, too.


A Soothing Lip Mask That Comes With An Adorable Applicator

Keep your lips in tip-top shape with this honey lip mask. Not only is it chock full of moisturizing ingredients like bee propolis, vitamin E, and strawberry extract, it comes with a cute honey dripper-style wand for application. Better yet, it has a subtle honey scent that’s sweet but not overpowering.


These Genius Gloves That Protect Your Hands In The Kitchen

Shield yourself from nicks and pokes with these cut-resistant gloves. They’re made with glass fibers for ultimate protection, whether you’re slicing vegetables or shucking oysters. They’re well liked by reviewers, too, over 38,000 of whom have weighed in to give them an impressive 4.5-star overall rating. Plus, they’re machine washable whenever they need a cleaning.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 2


This Multifaceted Chopper That Has Tons Of Different Functions

Make meal prep so much easier with this vegetable chopper and spiralizer. It comes with stainless steel blade plates which you can swap out to dice, chop, and spiralize produce. The bottom container holds up to 5 cups (enough for a healthy batch of pico de gallo) and the included finger guard helps keep you safe from nicks.


A Unique Toilet Scrubbing Stone That Removes Hard Water Stains

Say goodbye to hard-to-scrub mineral stains with this pumice stone toilet bowl cleaner. All you have to do is dampen the stone to scrub away hard water buildup from the bowl. And even though the stone is tough enough to get the job done, it won’t scratch fragile porcelain. When you’re done, just leave it to dry in its included case.


These Fan-Favorite Tablets That Keep Your Washing Machine Clean

If you want clean clothes, you’ll need a clean machine to get the job done, and this washing machine cleaner can help. These highly rated tablets work in both top- and front-loading machines. Not only do they clean deep into the filter and pump, but they can also help eliminate odors as well as buildup.


The Star-Shaped Food Masher With Sky-High Ratings

Snag this nylon masher for a variety of food prep tasks, from browning meat to whipping up a batch of guacamole. It has a five-blade design for a wide area of coverage, and thanks to its heat-resistant construction (which is safe for temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit), you can use it on hot dishes on or off the stove. It’s a favorite of home chefs, with a 4.7-star overall rating on Amazon.


A Detangling Brush That’s Gentle On Your Hair

Get this detangling brush which gently glides through hair to minimize pain and breakage. It has firm but flexible bristles that massage the scalp without tugging on your hair, and its unique design makes it easy to use and travel-friendly. The popular brush works on all hair types and can be used on both wet and dry hair.


The Outlet Extender That Doubles As A Phone Rest

Increase your charging capabilities with this outlet extender. Simply plug it into your existing outlet and you’ll get three AC sockets plus two USB ports, so you can power up a variety of devices with ease. This clever extender also features a small cradle on the top, so you can rest tablets or phones as they power up.


This Useful Battery Case With Tons Of Storage

Never be without the right battery for the job again, thanks to this battery organizer case that keeps them all perfectly tidy and all in one place. It fits a variety of sizes, ranging from tiny flat batteries to bulkier D batteries, all in a convenient waterproof container. There’s even a built-in tester so you can ensure you’re not hanging on to dead batteries, too.


These Drill Attachments That Make Your Home Sparkling Clean

If you’ve never considered your power drill to be a cleaning tool, think again, because this set of drill brush scrubbers is here to set the record straight. Each of the three brushes attaches to your existing drill with the included adapter bit to help you harness the power of your tool for a deeper clean. Choose from flat, round, and detail brushes depending on the job.


This Leave-In Hair Treatment That Also Protects Against Heat Damage

Make sure you’re adding products to your beauty arsenal that pull their weight, like this leave-in treatment with tons of benefits. Not only does this herbal extract formula help repair damaged hair, it also hydrates for a smooth finish, and even serves as a heat protectant. Simply apply it to damp hair and work it through from the mid-section down to your tips.


The Clever Outlet Cover That Doubles As A Night-Light

Add a touch of practicality and safety to your home with this guide light. It has a unique design that doesn’t require any screws or brackets for installation: Just remove your current plate and snap it in place over your existing AC sockets. The bottom boasts a concealed LED night-light that has an auto on-and-off sensor.


These Soothing Gloves For Deep Moisture Treatments

Your hands go through a lot in a day, so treat them right with these repairing hand masks. Made with nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and coconut oil, these gloves leave your hands feeling softer after just 20 minutes. And yes, the gloves are touch screen-compatible, so you can keep scrolling as you moisturize.


A Hydrating Snail Mucin Repair Cream That’s Packed With Vitamins

Brighten your complexion and give your skin a generous boost of hydration with this snail mucin repair cream. It may sound strange, but this holy grail of Korean skincare is formulated with 97.5% snail extract in addition to vitamins E, B5, and organic green tea. It’s designed to tighten skin and fight dullness and dark circles within just a couple of weeks, and unlike comparable high-end versions, it won’t break the bank.


This Can Cooler That Keep Drinks Ice Cold For 12 Hours

Keep your beverage of choice ice cold for up to 12 hours by popping it inside this skinny can cooler that comes in lots of cute designs. The stainless steel sleeve uses triple-insulated cooling technology to maintain temperature and prevent messy condensation and sweating. You can easily slide any 12oz can into the cooler, then unscrew the top once you’re ready for another.


The Wedge Traction Pillow That Helps Release Neck Tension

Take care of your neck and spine with this cervical wedge pillow. It helps to create traction and reduce stiffness, tension, and discomfort in the neck and shoulders thanks to its unique shape — simply place your neck inside the concave section and let gravity do the rest. It’s comfortable, too, owing to the supportive latex foam construction and soft, hypoallergenic cover. Just lie on it for a few minutes a day for relief.


This Brilliant Deodorizer That Will Help Reduce Litter Box Smells

Think the odor emanating from your cat’s litter box is just something you have to endure? Think again. This cat litter deodorizer can be sprinkled right on top of the litter, as well as other areas in your home such as a garbage can, kennel, or pet carrier. It’s fragrance-free, safe for your kitty, and extends cleaning intervals—which is definitely a win!


A Slime-Like Gel That Helps Clean Hard-To-Reach Places

Evoke the fun of grade-school science glass with all the adult satisfaction of cleaning your car with this gel cleaner. Its squishy consistency won’t stick to hands but does get deep into hard-to-reach crevices like car vents and cupholders to trap dust in seconds. Plus, you can use it to clean other tight spaces too, like your computer keyboard. Simply keep reusing the gel until the color darkens.


This Brilliant Self-Draining Soap Dish That Prevents Sogginess

Don’t settle for waterlogged sink areas when you can use this self-draining soap dish instead. Your bar of soap sits atop a bed of raised silicone bristles, while the slanted dish below helps excess water drain directly into your sink. Not only will your soap dry more quickly, but your sink will look cleaner, too.


A Magnetic Pickup Tool That Definitely Belongs In Your Toolbox

Use this genius magnetic pickup tool to grab dropped items without straining your back. The compact tool doesn’t take up much storage space, but cleverly extends to three times its length so you can effortlessly retrieve lost items such as bolts and nails. It has a powerful magnetic head and base, and conveniently has a three-bulb LED light so you can easily illuminate and maneuver hard-to-reach spaces.


This Hydrating Cuticle Cream That Conditions Your Nails

For weak nails and ragged cuticles, look no further than this cuticle cream. It’s packed with nourishing, moisturizing ingredients like Japanese seaweed, mineral spring water, and aloe vera to leave hands looking and feeling soft and healthy. And thanks to the precision applicator, you’ll be able to dispense just the right amount of product without drips and messes.


A Dog Shampoo That Doesn’t Require Water Or Rinsing

If you’ve ever loved the convenience of dry shampoo for yourself, you’ll be happy to know this waterless dog shampoo exists. The foam formula gets to the root of your dog’s coat and deodorizes while also absorbing oils. And because it’s sulfate and paraben free, it’s gentle for your furry friend. Just apply, massage in, and comb through.


The Exfoliating Booties That Give Your Feet A Satisfying Peel

Skip the pricey pedicures and pamper your feet on the couch with these foot peel masks. Simply secure the plastic booties over your feet with the included tape and let them sit for an hour. The fruit acids in the formula will get to work stimulating cell turnover. After the peeling finishes (about a week later), you’ll have smooth, callus-free feet.


These Sticky Patches That Can Flatten A Zit Overnight

To help minimize a pimple without popping or creams, try these acne patches. They’re made from hydrocolloid, which helps to absorb oil in as little as six hours. And not only can the patches help reduce the size of a zit, but, since they act as shields, they help keep germs out and prevent you from picking at your skin, too. The result? Less redness and irritation overall.


A Genius Wrap Stand For Organizing Foils & More

Tidy up your countertops or cabinets with this wrap box organizer that’s perfect for cling wrap, aluminum foil, parchment paper, and more. It has eight adjustable wire shelves for tons of storage, plus a convenient rounded top that doubles as a carrying handle. It’s lightweight, too, weighing just over a pound.


A Multi-Functional Opener To Replace Multiple Kitchen Gadgets

If your kitchen drawers are bursting at the seams, replace multiple gadgets with this clever multi-functional opener. It spares your hands and wrists from excessive strain and effortlessly opens jars, cans, and bottles of different types and sizes. The opener is made from heavy-duty plastic and rubber for durability and has an ergonomic anti-slip design for comfortable use.


A Stylish Mat That Traps Cat Litter

Add a touch of decorative flair while protecting your floors with this cat litter mat. The textured surface helps to trap excess litter that your kitty would otherwise track all over your floors, while the nonslip backing ensures it stays in place underneath the box. It’s even waterproof to shield from accidents.


This Shoe Cleaner Kit To Spruce Up Old Shoes

Revive a well-loved (read: very dirty) pair of shoes using this popular shoe cleaner kit that’s suitable for all washable materials such as leather, suede, or canvas. The kit consists of a brush and a non-toxic cleaning formula made from saddle soap and gentle oils and conditioners. A little bit of the concentrate goes a long way to restore a like-new look, and if you’re not 100% sure whether it’s suitable for a certain pair, simply test it out on a small area first.


These Extra-Long Oven Mitts To Prevent Painful Burns

If you’ve burned your forearms one too many times while pulling out a sheet of freshly baked cookies, get these extra-long oven mitts ASAP. They’re made from heavy-duty silicone for a nonslip grip and are heat resistant, flame retardant, and shield your hands from steam and hot water for maximum protection. The gloves have a soft interior made from a cotton-polyester blend for ultimate comfort and they can easily be cleaned under running water.


An Exfoliating Brush For Silky Smooth Skin

For the ultimate multi-purpose body care accessory, get this cheap exfoliating brush that has garnered over 22,000 perfect reviews. For best results, use it twice a day on wet or dry skin to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, increase circulation, and give your body a deep cleanse. The silicone brush also prevents razor bumps and reduces ingrown hairs for luxuriously soft and silky smooth skin.


This Utensil Rest That Has Space For More Than Just A Spoon

To cut down on messes as you meal prep, try this silicone utensil rest that’s so much better than your standard spoon rest. It features four niches for storing cooking tools, as well as a flat surface perfect for catching drips and spills, all with a nonslip base. Thanks to its silicone construction, it’s both heat resistant and dishwasher safe, so it’s super easy to clean.


A Burger Press That Forms Perfectly Uniform Patties

Save time and make perfectly uniform patties using this clever burger press. It allows you to make two different patty sizes thanks to an indicator line on the side and comes with 200 pre-cut parchment paper squares to make meal prep and cleanup a total breeze. And speaking of a breezy cleanup, the burger press is dishwasher-safe for ultimate convenience.


These Damp-Cleaning Sponges That Whisk Away Dust & Dirt

Upgrade your home care tools with these damp cleaning sponges. They hold tons of water and cleansing solution to help you get a deeper clean. Their most distinctive quality, however, is the ridged design and rounded shape, which allows them to whisk dust away from blinds, vents, and more.


These Dip Clips For Mess-Free Eating On-The-Go

We all know that juggling a dip packet, fries, and other deliciousness in the car typically doesn’t end well, so save yourself from having to clean the mess and attach these genius dip clips on your air vents. The Shark Tank-featured containers fit the majority of air vents and hold pretty much all sauces from major food chairs. The two-piece set comes with a pair of removable ramekins and has been tested to stay put on even the roughest of terrains.

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Hands Down The 50 Strangest, Most Genius Things on Amazon Under $30

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