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What is link in bio from many links

Created on 27 NOV, 2023 | LINK IN BIO FREE SERVICE LINKTREE | 22 views | 2 minutes read

Most social media platforms provide some opportunities for users to information about their business. For example, on Facebook, you can provide information about your business in the “About” section. Similar opportunities exist in Linked and Twitter. However, Instagram for the long term remained the only platform without a direct link to your bio. The reason for that lies in the nature of the Instagram architecture. It does not allow including clickable links anywhere within its interface.

Currently, the situation changed and the single hyperlink in the Instagram bio is present. “The link in bio” means the clickable URL appearing in your Instagram profile description, which provides essential information about your business and your products. It typically contains the link to the corporate website or business page on Instagram and contacts to get in touch with your company.

The most popular areas for “link in bio” application are:

  • Promotion of your product or service
  • The attraction of the target customers to the new product launch
  • Promotion of the big event related to your brand
  • Special discount and offerings for Instagram users
  • Information on your most important products
  • Transfer of potential customers to your website, podcast or YouTube channel
  • Link to video or blog post with unique content

As the name suggests “links in bio” refer to the clickable URLs that you can add to your profile section. Most social media platforms give you the option to add a link in your bio to take followers to your website, product page, content or some other important page.

On platforms like Facebook and Twitter, adding a link to the homepage of your website may be more than enough since you can share clickable links to individual pages, products or content in your posts.

But it’s a little different with Instagram. Accounts with 10,000+ followers do have the option to share links through their Stories, but those that are still building their following have to leverage up to five links in bio to direct followers to a product page or a piece of content. Plus, outside of Stories highlights, Stories links are ephemeral and not ideal for an account of any size to highlight the most important URLs to drive social media traffic to.

Instagram’s link in bio can feel limiting when you want to highlight more than five important products, posts and pages. Fortunately, there are several link in bio tools that will let you put together all these key link destinations and share them via a single URL. This will lead to a custom landing page with all the relevant links you want to share.



Here’s an example from Travel Yosemite–the single link in their bio leads to the following landing page for quick access to any content they’ve referenced in recent posts: landing page from travel yosemite link in bio

This makes the user experience much more seamless since they can easily access all the relevant links from one place, meaning you’re much less likely to lose out on potential leads and traffic just because Instagram restricts links on individual posts.

This also brings us to the ubiquitous “link in bio” phrasing familiar to anyone on Instagram: by using these landing pages, brands can highlight their latest sale, news article, product collection or more in their content, and still effectively link to them all, reminding audiences to click that link on each relevant post. You can also maintain evergreen destinations such as your homepage or important lead magnets, while rotating other links for the latest content.

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