Perfect 7 Day In Israel Itinerary

Perfect 7 Day In Israel Itinerary

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✡️Perfect 7 Day In Israel Itinerary

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Perfect 7 Day In Israel Itinerary

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Here’s the perfect Israel itinerary for those who are planning to visit this country for 7-10 days (or even longer as I’ll be recommending other things and places) featuring Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and the best Israel outdoor destinations.

I’ll also give you some tips and recommendations to help you plan your trip.

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Israel is such an interesting country! If you are wondering what to expect from Israel, here’s how I would describe it.

Tel Aviv is a vibrant city (where I could see myself living – and I don’t say that super often) with chill and laid-back vibes.

Then, you have Jerusalem which is rich in history. And the best part is probably all the outdoor possibilities out there! Add a bunch of amazing meals, friendly people and fun traditions and you’re almost there!

I had a great time in Israel! I know it’s a controversial destination and I’m not planning on diving into this complicated topic – but I truly enjoyed my time over there and I hope I can get back there someday!

Planning your Trip to Israel

If you have any questions on how to get to Israel and what to expect at the customs, I’d suggest you read this Israel travel blog post.

It will help you understand what’s the deal at the borders and hopefully, it will answer your questions about Israel.

Best time to visit Israel

If you want to be able to outside without suffocating, the best time to visit Israel would be May-April or September-October. These months are referring to Spring and Autumn.

What to Wear in Israel

For some reason, I was expecting Israel to be quite conservative in terms of clothing. I was totally wrong. For most parts, you can dress pretty casually and you wear shorts and tank tops in most places.  

Some places like in Jerusalem could be more conservative, but unless you visit some religious sites, you can dress pretty casually.

Itinerary for Israel | One Week Itinerary  

There are a lot of fun things to do in Israel! Here are my top recommendations on what to do in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and outdoor-wise.

You can also base yourself in either Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and do day trips from there.

Tel Aviv (3 days)


Photo by Or Kaplan

Tel Aviv is a vibrant city where you can find great vibes! With the beach just on the edge of the city, you get the chill beach vibes as well as the city vibes which creates an excellent combination.

During spring and summertime, you’ll find a lot of people outside, sipping coffee on a blanket in the grass or simply hanging out. The weather is mostly sunny and there is no excuse to stay inside!

Check out these fun things to do in Tel Aviv to help you make the most of your time over there! This article features things like the best free things to do, the best experiences as well as great restaurants and bars that are worth checking out.

Tel Aviv Highlights

  • Levinsky Market
  • Old Jaffa Port
  • Beach Hopping
  • Incredible nightlife
  • Cooking Class

Where to stay in Tel Aviv

Best Hostels: Little Tel-Aviv Hostel / Abraham Hostel Tel-Aviv

Best Mid-Range Hotels: Gordon Inn Suits / Florentin House

Best Luxury Hotels: Hotel Saul / Trieste Neve Tzedek Boutique Suites / The Vera

Find a hostel in Tel Aviv

Find a hotel in Tel Aviv

Jerusalem (1-2 days)

Jerusalem is an interesting city in terms of cultures. There are so many different quarters to explore and there are also cultural and religious sites that are worth visiting.

I personally went on a tour with a local who showed us the coolest spots in the old town. Although, Jerusalem wasn’t my favorite stop. Most attractions were quite crowded, which makes it less enjoyable.

Jerusalem is actually a great base if you want to do day trips and come back to the city at night time.


Jerusalem Highlights

  • The old city of Jerusalem
  • Western Wall
  • Church of the Holy Sepulchre
  • Mahane Yehuda Market
  • Nightlife

Where to stay in Jerusalem:

Best Hostels: Stay Inn / Abraham Hostel Jerusalem

Best Mid-Range Hotels: Stay Kook Suites / DEM Hotel 

Best Luxury Hotels: Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem / Herbert SamuelBezalel Hotel  

Find a hostel in Jerusalem

Find a hotel in Jerusalem

Israel Outdoors Itinerary for 1-2-3 days (Desert & Other Cool Spots to Discover)

Masada, Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea

Masada is an excellent spot for sunrise and the views are pretty impressive!

Masada, Israel

1 week Israel itinerary

Ein Gedi is a little nature reserve found in the middle of the desert (it’s basically like an oasis!) and it’s very pretty.  It’s also a great spot for hiking or for dipping in waterfalls.

Ein Gedi, Israel Waterfall

Itinerary for Israel

And I don’t think I need to describe the Dead Sea, do I?

Dead Sea Israel

Backpack Israel

Ramon Crater


Israel Backpacking

Hiking around Ramon Crater, go for a repelling down adventure or even meet a Bedouin community is a pretty cool experience.

Where to stay in the Desert

Glamping Experience: Happy Glamper

Other Epic Destinations in Israel that are Worth Visiting

  • Eilat
  • Nazareth
  • Haifa
  • Bethlehem

What to Pack for Israel | Essentials You Don’t Want to Forget

Of course, you’ll need more stuff in your backpack, but these are the top backpack travel essentials for your trip to Israel.

  • Day Pack: you will likely go on day trips, so you might want to bring a smaller backpack for those days.
  • Sunscreen: the sun can be pretty harsh in Israel, so make sure to protect your beautiful skin!
  • Universal Adapter: Make sure you can charge your electronics while in Israel.
  • Dry Bag: If you’re going to visit the Dead Sea or places where it can get wet, you might want to make sure that your stuff is going to stay safe and dry!
  • GoPro: As Israel is a cool adventure destination, make sure to bring your GoPro for action shots!
  • Quick Dry Towel: A quick-dry towel is perfect for those days at the beach and at the Dead Sea.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Vibe Israel for inviting me to Israel! 

About Melissa Giroux

Melissa Giroux founded in 2015. She is been living abroad since 2014. Originally Canadian, she has been living and working online in many destinations around the world. She is passionate about traveling, technology, entrepreneurship, and CrossFit.

She has traveled extensively in Asia, Oceania, Europe, and North America. She is now living in Thailand.


Perfect 7 Day In Israel Itinerary

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